Holiday Bus Trip Seat Holder Info | Magic 101.7

Holiday Bus Trip Seat Holder Info

It’s getting close to the time we take off to NYC!! Here’s some much needed information for December 3rd!

  1. We will meet at old Ames Parking Lot in Northgate Plaza at 6:15am to park and begin check-in.
  2. We’ll be boarded on the bus by 6:45am and leave by 7:00am
  3. Breakfast will be served on the bus shortly after we are in motion
  4. Christmas movies will be shown on the bus
  5. No glass bottles or weapons on the bus. No smoking or illegal drugs on the bus.
  6. Bring your personal items (Pillows, blankets, drinks, mp3 players…)
  7. All personal items you leave on the bus will be safe, locked inside the bus until we board to return home. Keep in mind your personal items left on the bus will be unavailable for the day, as the bus cannot park nearby.
  8. We will arrive at Bryant Park by 11:30am.
  9. We will re-board at Bryant Park, at 7:45pm for check -in and leave at 8p!
  10. Please be on time. We will be back in Binghamton(traffic permitting)a little after midnight!


Rich Birdsall

Rich Birdsall

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