Roller Derby In Binghamton!

If you haven’t seen a roller derby competition before, you are missing out!!

The Parlor City Tricks are Taking a break until June 2nd!

Here’s the upcoming schedule:

These ladies will be battling their way around the rink, doing whatever it takes to win!

If you or anyone you know, including your KIDS would want to be a roller there is always a spot open! It’s great exercise for your kids as well and gives them something to get into!!

Email your inquiries to:

Rich Birdsall

Rich Birdsall

Jock at GM Broadcasting / Magic 101.7. -- I was born and raised in Binghamton NY. You don’t get any more local than me. I graduated from Chenango Valley High School and I have been a DJ on what seems like every radio station in the Southern Tier, I feel like I get to talk to my friends every time I crack the mic. I’m available to chat whenever and answer all my social media myself. If you see me out someplace, stop and say hello! Hours: Monday – Friday 10:00a-12:00n * Sunday 6a-12p